Wednesday, May 19, 2010

how we deal with life


¤Only the mind can make right decisions, but undeniably, the heart decides for your happiness even if it's wrong.

¤PERFECT is not when compatible persons are together it is when u're both opposite but in that way u both COMPLETE each other

¤i can't make people love me forever all i can do is show them who i am and what i feel & it's up to than to realize my worth.

¤Nothing's even more happier than to see a friend who appreciates you in the smallest thing, accepts you in times of hardships, comforts you when troubled,  loves you no matter what, and simply because..
they are happy for having you, rain or shine..

¤What could be nicer than seeing your love one smile at you so sweetly for no reason... :)

¤sometimes behind the lie, there hides the truth that is more passionate than reality.

¤the happiest couples are those who have better understanding rather than have same qualities.

¤the saddest thing on earth is when u love someone else that only use u for someone

¤3 nice stories:

1. Once, all villagers decided to pray for rain. On the day of prayer all people gathered and only one boy came with an umbrella.

2. When you throw a baby in the air, the baby laughs bcoz he knows you will catch him.
that's TRUST.

3. Evry night we go to bed, we have no assurance that we will wake up the next morning, but still we have plans for tomorrow.
that's H0PE.

Celebrate life with faith, trust and hope.

¤a serious piece of advice:
LEAVE people who doesn't see your real worth, and Fall for someone when feels CONTENTED having you.

¤being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. it means you've decided to see life beyond the imperfections. don't say your happy cause everything is alright. but be happy cause while everything is complicated, you're still doing fine.

¤the more you get attached, the more you'll end up getting hurt.

¤If this were my one last breath, I'd use it to give you one last kiss.

¤PERFECT is not when compatible persons are  together it is when you're both opposite but in that way you both COMPLETE each other.

¤Don't change yourself to adjust to person who don't like u..
For personality is not a theorem to be proven, but a postulate to be accepted.

¤i've built a wall not to block anyone out. But to see who loves me enough to climb over it.

¤i erased her no. to forget d pain of yesterday..But now im waiting for a text from an unregistered no. that only my heart can remember

¤The secret of life is not just to live but to have something worth while to live for. We only live once, but if we live right, once is more than enough.

¤There will be times when u will love someone so much that even the simplest gesture is enough to convince u & make u stay in love.

¤there is only one happiness in love and be loved

¤distance doesnt ruin a relationship,doubts do.

¤when a girl says IM HAPPY FOR YOU, most of the time she doesnt mean it. What she's trying to say is, WHY DID U CHOOSE HER OVER ME?

How we deal with life is really a matter of personal choice,, so choose to be happy... find joy in the simplest things, and see beauty in each person you meet.. and when times are difficult, just remind yourself that no pain comes to you without a purpose