Wednesday, May 14, 2008


well yeah, mostly heartaches...
kasi ba naman, those happy times, wala ako time magsulat
kasi lahat ng time ko, naktuon sa kanila
mahilig ako sa love..
mahilig din akong mainlove...
pero, meron jang 1GREATLOVE (creampuff)
na hinding hindi ko ipagpapalit..
malandi ako, oo
flirt ako, affirmative...
mahilig ako sa babae, positive...
masarap magmahal.. hihi..
un un eh!!!

kayamanan ko mga anak ko..
kahit di ko sila kadugo..
kung alam lang nila kung ganu ko sila kamahal

eh un,..

sige, sa FS na lang ha
tsaka text2 na lang tau..



Thousand Years

True love burns in a thousand years
it deserves an ocean of tears
The sun Haven't shine on me since you went away
I can't believe we will go astray
Love is ironic, life is unfair
You left me when I thought you will always be there
I won't let anyone to enter my life again
Because I know this pain will remain
My love for you won't run out of flame
though in my mind, i want to erase your name
Hatred is existing in my emotion
But my love for you is powerful like a potion
I'll just tolerate this pain and try to pretend
'coz whoever I'll meet, its still you till the end..
Thousand years is until my last breath
I will love you still even after death


"uhm... I don't really want to talk about this...
hurts still..."

Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave


Can't be calm feels like a sinking titanic
I can't be so cool , I'm feeling so panicked
I wanna be with you but I cannot stay
Unwilling to go but I must go away
Feels like I'm sinking like Jack and Rose
Can't be calm, stop, think and pause
Baby, I'm running out of time
After this, you are no longer mine
Unable to stay, unwilling to leave
Without you, how I'm goin' to live
I hate it coz time moves too fast
I've loved too many, but will you be the last?
Having you in my life, I feel so lucky
Now i'm losing you, i'm so unhappy..
My heart's beating fast everytime I stare at the clock
I can hardly breath everytime it tick-tock
I'm leaving and you know i have enough reason
But without you, feels like i'm in a prison
Right now I should be loving you and I should give more
But I'll set you aside and this feeling I'll ignore
If I can give the world, you know I would give
I don't wanna go, but honey I should leave
I know you can't understand why I can't stay
You'll always be with me, that's all i can say..
Unwilling to go but unable to be beside you
What am I gonna do, I can't decide to
I love you and I know You Love me
And I'll always love you wherever I may be
I know that its not easy to escape
I won't show you my heart 'coz you know how it shape
You know who's inside and you know that it's you
I wanna hold you but I'm sorry I must go
I hate it, feels like I'm drowning
I don't wanna go, But I'm not staying
Can't decide, I'm caught in the middle
Can't think straight, feels like a riddle
What am I gonna do, I'm really not sure
This heartache, nobody can cure
What am I saying?
To you it's a puzzle..
It makes my body shiver and my muscles
Unable to stay, Unwilling to leave
It's a crossroad for me, which is the right way?
I don't want to go.. But sorry I cannot stay....


"I made this way back 2003...
i had temporary loves.. so...

about the title, i got tha idea from TITANIC's soundtrack..


I don't Love You Anymore

I Don't Love You Anymore

The feeling of nostalgia is not here anymore
Since you hurt my heart like you slammed a door
My love for you was baffled
by the pain you've caused
there's no room for you in my heart,
doors and windows were closed
You've fooled me once and more than twice
The flame of my love for you,
seared by your big lies
What you've said and what you've done
are all parts of your mockery
But I'm leavin' it all behind and now
you'll only be a part of my history..
I won't forget that once you're my tormentor,
Goodbye.... I don't love you anymore


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

~You ArE to Me...~

You Are To Me...

You're like a star that I can't reach
But still there that shines me through...
You're more than an air that I breathe
'Coz life is not worthy living If I can't have you...
You're like the that so far away
Giving me warm in a cold day...
you're like the wind that I can't see
Touchin' me so gently like you're comforting me...
You're the moon that guiding my dark night
like a morning dew that freshen me up with the morning light..
You're my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
I'll trade a bunch of diamonds just to have you...
You are to me my everything
and I won't trade you into anything...
With you by my side, I can pass any strife,,,
You are to me my Life...


~My Sky~


Baby you're my sky and I'm the bird
You got me flyin' so happy, have you observed?
You always make me happy everytime I fly
But I'm fallin' down so fast when you make me cry

Your love makes me feel soar higher
If you hurt me, feels like my wings were on a fire
But whatever you do, and whatever I do,
You're my sky and I can't leave you

I'm flying in my sky and it seems I couldn't get tired
'coz I'm so happy with it and to the clouds I'll ride
I love you so much not only that you are my sky
but because you make me feel alive everytime I fly

You're my sky and i'm the bird
you'll be my highness and to you I'll serve
The things you needed and the things you want
'Coz for this bird, the sky is so important

The love of you always lift me,,
but it's seems my sky is not happy with me
I admit you're hurtin' me and foolin' me
That's why sometimes I feel like a falling bee..

do you know what's happening when you're hurtin' this bird
I'm cryin' so hard and my mind's gettin' blurd
I'm trying not to fly and trying to cut off my wings
Always thinking of you and sad songs I'll sing

But without you, feels like a heart without a home
You know without my sky, I can't go along
So maybe the pain I'll just ignore
'Coz i'm just loving you more and more...

So this bird will always fly at the sky
Flying so happy, soaring so high...
Feeling the strong wind 'till the day I die,
I will always be your bird and you will always be my sky


-----during my 1st year on college... :-)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008



Flashback in time,
Pictures in my mind
Remembering the past
and time that glide so fast

Picture of me
picture of you
A yesterday that seem so near
Resounding voice i hear

Will tomorrow be like that
or the yesterday be forgotten
what we'll think 'bout
in a moment of loving

Resounding voice of laughter
memories that we made together
we could never get it back
those days that i wasn't so tough

Having you, Holding you yesterday...
All of the sudden, they flew away
Just rememberin' it whenever I miss...
Couldn't get it back so I just Reminisce




your sweet red lips
as red as a blood
your twinkling eyes
like the stars above

you're so cute
in that button nose
I love your look
in any poise

those thin lines
in your sweet red lips
How I wish
I could touch them and kiss

Everytime I go to bed
Everytime I close my eyes
there's nothing in my head
but your sweet smile

even in my dreams
when i fall asleep
What I dream about
is your sweet red lips


"to all the girls i'd love to kiss... hehe, peace..."

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Forbidden Love

i'm her best kept secret...
like a hidden page or a leaflet...
she can't tell her mama 'coz it will complicate the issue
but she's someone who can't ditch you
i'm her forbidden lover..with a forbidden love...
we thought of running away in a cab...
our reltionship is like a roller coaster...
we feel the heat like we're in a toaster...
but we agreed not to let go, and we should fight...
'coz we know, things will go on right...
she's a girl, and i am too..
im her beau and she's my boo...
forbidden love...but feels so good..
we will fight as long as we could...
and that is untill we die...
'coz we know, forever is not a lie...
----on the spot rhyming---