Wednesday, May 7, 2008

~My Sky~


Baby you're my sky and I'm the bird
You got me flyin' so happy, have you observed?
You always make me happy everytime I fly
But I'm fallin' down so fast when you make me cry

Your love makes me feel soar higher
If you hurt me, feels like my wings were on a fire
But whatever you do, and whatever I do,
You're my sky and I can't leave you

I'm flying in my sky and it seems I couldn't get tired
'coz I'm so happy with it and to the clouds I'll ride
I love you so much not only that you are my sky
but because you make me feel alive everytime I fly

You're my sky and i'm the bird
you'll be my highness and to you I'll serve
The things you needed and the things you want
'Coz for this bird, the sky is so important

The love of you always lift me,,
but it's seems my sky is not happy with me
I admit you're hurtin' me and foolin' me
That's why sometimes I feel like a falling bee..

do you know what's happening when you're hurtin' this bird
I'm cryin' so hard and my mind's gettin' blurd
I'm trying not to fly and trying to cut off my wings
Always thinking of you and sad songs I'll sing

But without you, feels like a heart without a home
You know without my sky, I can't go along
So maybe the pain I'll just ignore
'Coz i'm just loving you more and more...

So this bird will always fly at the sky
Flying so happy, soaring so high...
Feeling the strong wind 'till the day I die,
I will always be your bird and you will always be my sky


-----during my 1st year on college... :-)