Friday, August 14, 2009

Sleepless in Makati

This past few m0nths, laGi akoNg puyat... LaGi akoNg di makaTulog ng maAyos..
hoNestly, im tHinking of her..
wala n kming coMmunicAtioN..
at may iBa na siya.
i d0nt kn0w, im just tHinking those "what-could-have-been" sitUations..
I must admit, i do love her..
I must be unfair, i must be greEdy. Bt thats what i fEel, or thats how i explain d way i fEel..
All i kn0w is this,
I miss the sound of her laughter, I miss the way she smile at me..
I miss the way I take care of her and the way she took care of me..
I miss those nights that we were texting until midnight..
I just miss her so much...
I misS being with her..

I can't help but to hope, but in reality, I know there's nothing to hope for...

Its over...

Though in my heart, its not over, it will never be over...

She moved on, and me?
There's nothing I can do about that..
I will be here, always wanting her... always...

She touched my life, she touched my heart..
And it will forever leave a mark...

I love you... you are my besh....