Friday, August 14, 2009

Sleepless in Makati

This past few m0nths, laGi akoNg puyat... LaGi akoNg di makaTulog ng maAyos..
hoNestly, im tHinking of her..
wala n kming coMmunicAtioN..
at may iBa na siya.
i d0nt kn0w, im just tHinking those "what-could-have-been" sitUations..
I must admit, i do love her..
I must be unfair, i must be greEdy. Bt thats what i fEel, or thats how i explain d way i fEel..
All i kn0w is this,
I miss the sound of her laughter, I miss the way she smile at me..
I miss the way I take care of her and the way she took care of me..
I miss those nights that we were texting until midnight..
I just miss her so much...
I misS being with her..

I can't help but to hope, but in reality, I know there's nothing to hope for...

Its over...

Though in my heart, its not over, it will never be over...

She moved on, and me?
There's nothing I can do about that..
I will be here, always wanting her... always...

She touched my life, she touched my heart..
And it will forever leave a mark...

I love you... you are my besh....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The time you said goodbye

It made me cry
It made me sigh
It made me shiver
It frights me under
It made me lose my mind
It made me flashback time
It made me feel crazy
It made my future hazy
I think my strength was lost
It made me stop and pause
It made me feel insane
Don't know whom i am to blame
I want to scream
It made me lost my gleam
It made me feel so bad
It made my mood so sad
It made me forget who I am
It feels that

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday, My Tita asked me to do the grocery. So me and my cousin went to SM megamall...
(mejo maambon pa un)
so anyway, nakapaggrocery kami,
then umuwi na kami. Bumaba kami sa estrella, And there sa paradahan ng mga trike at shell station, sumakay kami ng tricycle.
After namin bumaba, siguro mga 2meters away or less kinapa ko phone ko and found out wala na ung isa...
tumakbo ako to chase the trike, pero ambilis nawala. So Ipumara ako ng iba, and pumunta ako sa paradahan dun. nagkasalisi lang kami ng driver, tinawag ko siya, sumigaw ako, pero di ko na lam kung narinig nya ko or di lang talaga nya ako pinansin. Sabi ng isang mama, hintayin ko daw.
Hinintay ko and gaya ng inaasahan ko, wala na ung phone..
Sa panahon ngaun, pag my naiwan kang gamit, 99.9%, di mo na maibabalik pa un.
Anyway, because of that, Mas maingat na ako ngaun and Im riding less trike,,, and if I do, Doble ingat na lang.

Sabi ng isang ale, ganun daw ang istayl nila, hangga't maidedeny, idedeny nila...

So learn from my mistakes, BEWARE...

Its a black tricycle, MATODA 3594....

Grrr.. I love that phone..

Kung anu pa pinakagusto ko, un po ang nawala....

Nakakapanghina, Buti wala ung sim ko dun..
sometimes the sim is more imortant than the phone...

Ill just buy low end phones from now on,...

un lang....


Monday, June 8, 2009

Gary Granada Vs GMA kapuso`

ok, I was browsing the web and this caught my eyes...

I listened to it and decided to post the link...

I duno how to make a song.. But I do know how much artists value their works..

and its a song lesson too..

Hey, Im just suporting GG.

here's the first:

Part 1 By Gary Granada

by: dosomething worthwhile

Part 2 By Gary Granada

Part 3 By Gary Granada

Yeah Im joining sound cloud too, if u guys wanna hear my voice.. hehehe

podcasts invasion...


Sunday, February 8, 2009

dahlie doo

I met Dahlie when I was 17..
Vince is her son. And yeah, there was again something special.
And she's unforgetable.
She's the painter, I'm the writer.. but yeah, Im not really a writer.
I love to write that is.. But I'm not good at it.
Dahlie is years older than me, and Vince was 2 or 3 back then i guess..
She's someone I can never forget. Things between us meant a lot to me.
But I must accept the fact that me and her... never gonna be forever...
I knew that, but still hoped that its something special. But yeah, it is special, but that doesnt mean we can share the same relationship like that forever.
What I've realized is I have to make the most out of it while "the Moment" is still there.
The sad thing is, I didnt... There were some times I took her for granted.
So unconciously, we drifted apart.
I was so sad, but that doesnt mean I'm not happy right now.
I just want to thank her a lot. I owe her my happiness. If I didn't met her,
maybe I won't meet my creamy sugar puff.

I remember the first time I met her in Calamba..
I was waitinfg for her in the meeting place (office building),
then she texted me that she's already there,.
Then I saw her.. The cute pretty mommy,,, there she was wearing that sweet smile.
aahhh, memories...

I made rhymes for her, but that was years ago and when the time I was agonizing..
so this time, I'll just give a few lines for her....


She painted my world not with her painting brush
But with her love, care and trust
Trust to take care of her heart
Until the day we drifted apart
VInce called me tita, and he loves spiderman
I know when you grow up, you'll be a strong fine man
I'll miss Vince's baby talk, and cute lil voice
Years from now and he'll be hanging out with big boys
And as for her mom, I wish you the best
And I'll always pray for your every quest
Please take care and don't be with a man like your ex who was on tv
who was very proud of something "creepy"
I know that I must put all things behind
But I'ma tell you, your one of a kind
You're a strong girl thats why I adore you
And I know Vince will give everything for you
Except from your two brothers and your dad
Vince is the only boy you unconditionaly love

Goodluck Mommy Dahlie!!!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I've known samantha (sam) for a short while when I was a teenager.
She was so fragile (like a butterfly eh sam?) and broken that time. Her mom and dad got annulled, her dad got a girlfriend and all. She was so broken.
I've known her as an innocent young lass.
A pretty lady i'ma say..
we got closer everyday.
her mom and her brother stayed overseas and sam lived with her dad.
We started as textmate and we rarely see each other.
But we had something special that we know we will always remember.
She and her dad moved overseas too and we lost communication since then.
But thanks to the world wide web I met her again. BUt she transformed into someone different. I miss the old sam. :(
But we both know we can never get back the things we were before.
She's still as beautiful as the last time we saw each other.
Still love butterflies.. still have that kissable lips..
memories.. *sigh*

Dear sam,
Here's the on-the-spot rhyme I promised you.


Way back then with my high school time
The moment when you were still mine
I was fuglier back then
But you still accepted me as friend
The 300 load almost eveyday
'Coz sun cellular and other unlimited promos were not available those days
I cried when you moved with your dad
and the thought that you're someday marry a lad
Ur still beautiful and forever will be
I want u to know i miss YOU AND ME
from the first hug to our last kisses
I guess someone didn't hear my everynight wishes
I know we tried to get things back
But I was honest that my heart was already hacked
yes its too late for the both of us
and also i cant understand why you have to be with a guy u cant trust
u will always be special to me, and i know i am to you
Sam, i will always love you and you know its true
Please change for the better
Stop being a rebel
Let's just pray that your old man and your mom get back together
And your family will stay happy forever
I am always here for you for better and for worst
Just dont ask fo money coz u know I already emptied my purse
Its true when you said "there's something we can never get back"
I'm happy that we are so brave to face that fact
'coz some things from the past cant be brought to present
and that is something we can't resent
Just don't forget everything we had..
And for me. you are not that bad..
fly away my butterfly..
the same butterfly who made me so high
I love you sam

Thank you for being there always.
Natouch ako sa comment mo sa friendster ko..
Salamat 'gang ngaun pinagtatanggol mo pa rin ako.
Keep in touch my butterfly...


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

life aint easy

im strugling....
hirap pala talagang mabuhay..
but i have to be strong.
para sa mga taong nagmamahal sakin, kelangan kong maging matatag.

well, just dropping by..

and for me to post my pic.

anyway, just a few rhyme before i sign out:

life aint easy that i wanna give up...
but i thank Thee, the Lord above..
giving me the strength to move on 'though i struggle...
giving me the courage to fight any battle...
I have my friends, I have my family...
love is enough for me to be happy...
now i gotta go...
I dont have enough dough...

just text me guys..