Wednesday, May 18, 2011


All i thought, rainbow comes after the rain..
But you gave me first the happiness & then the pain..
You brightened up my sky then you made it colorful..
But after that nice treatment, you treated me so cruel..
You said you're my rainbow and colors you'll paint..
But then my sky started to faint..
You promised me of rainbow but dark clouds were formed..
It wasn't just a rain, it was a great storm..
You've painted yellow, shiney, shimmerin and splendin..
A little bit of comedy, you've painted green..
I was so speechless, im runnin out of words to say..
You've painted red so i'll always have a lovely day..
Purple.. A bit sensational & a bit sexy
orange.. To keep me warm & comfy..
and you painted blue
it only means you're my rainbow..
But then things has changed between us..
I said i love you but its me you never trust..
Baby that hurts me a lot!
I love u, believe it or not..
Its a normal cycle, butterfly after bein called "worm"..
But i never thought its the rainbow first before the storm..
It's more tham a storm, greater than a typhoon..
Feels like after the flood, i am now alone..
You made me smile then you made frown..
And in sadness, you made me drown..
I thought those colors come when the rain is through..
But in our case, you've poured the rain after the rainbow..