Saturday, May 21, 2011


I woke up w/ a heavy heart today & i guess my brain is too
tired of thinking why i feel this way. I cried myself to sleep and
its kinda weird cos i really can't explain why. I just realized that weeping is becoming habitual

Do you ever wonder how other people see you through their eyes?

After taking a bath, i went infront of the mirror.. I stood there then i stared at my face, looked deeply
into my eyes.. Something very
odd happened. I saw my reflection crying. Tears flowing from my eyes..
Why? Why did i burst like that. I lie in my bed, put my headphone and let the songs uplift my spirit and took me away
from reality..
But it never do me better.

My mind wandered and i just wondered what would be the
cause why my tears automaticaly raced down from my eyes.
I fixed myself, composed myself..
Stood up again and went infront of the mirror for the second time.
In not a long while, after a moment of looking at my eyes, though the reflection i am seeing went a little blurred, i saw my eyes went red, then there it goes
again... Tears fell..
I stood firmly and watched myself cry...
I guess when i looked into my eyes, i saw what's inside me..
And i felt sorry for myself... Real
sorry for myself...

So after i write this, i asked myself, would i have the courage
to face myself again?
Will i always wonder?
Will i always be like this?


[its a cloudy day today..
End of the world indeed..
But Mine ended earlier than said