Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear Boys (response to Dear Girls) [REPOST]

Dear boys,

If sometimes we didn’t let you know where we are, it doesn’t mean we’re flirting with other boys. We just want to know if you really care for us.

When we talk about our ex-boyfriends, it doesn’t mean that we’re making you jealous. We’re talking about our ex-boyfriend because we don’t want to keep secrets from you. Please don’t lose your trust.

So it hurts when we talk with guys without introducing you? That’s exactly what we feel when you flirt with other girls in front of us. It is not necessary to call us pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/ cute/ stunning always because it sounds insincere at times. We don’t want to hear it; we want to feel that we really look awesome in your eyes. Remember, action speaks louder than words.

We want to kiss you in front of others to let them know how much we love you. Don’t let us kiss you when no one’s watching because it would make us feel that you’re hiding from someone. Make us FEEL that you love us for WHAT WE ARE and WHO WE ARE.

Admit that you cheat more than us. When we hang out with other guys it doesn’t mean we’re flirting. We do have the right to be with other friends when you’re busy with others too.

It is not that easy to lose the guy that we love so much. So don’t expect us to give up and find another one. If you don’t want to see us miserable, then don’t let us be down in the mouth. Don’t lie to us, don’t cheat, don’t make us feel stupid, love us, and we’ll do the same. Respect begets respect. Love begets love.

Sincerely yours,

----by pinoyden