Wednesday, March 30, 2011


our love story is very rare

just like a fairy tale
we may not be Romeo and Juliet
but our love story is close to it

you're my loving Snowhite
you got a red lips that i want to bite
an innocent smile always play upon your lips
you just don't know, you're an innocent tease

just like Cinderella, you're all day in a work
blowin' away the garbage, the dust and the dirt
you're not like the others who were certified flirts
coz you're just for me, since the day of your birth

when you're finished and work all done
like Pocahontas, you're a playful one
you dont take weeds,you don't drink , you don't smoke
you got me girl in just one look

you're not as great as ariel, the little mermaid
but my love for you will never fade
my kiss hug and love i'll save
you'll get more even after a decade

rapunzel , oh like rapunzel
all the lovely words i want to tell
you're almost perfect from toes to hair
to love you more is all that i care

i don't have a genie like alladin
but i'll treat you my princess like princess jasmin
to all the girls from northpole to southpole
it's you who holds my heart and soul

We've got the true love like Beauty and the Best
When I'm with you, my mind is at peace
Taking walk and be with you every night
Dancing so sweet 'till the morning light

Like sleeping Beauty when your energy stops
Just take a rest and my kiss will wake you up
I'll give you my warmest hug
and start a new day with you my love

You're my fairy tale girl
In my fairy tale world
But in reality, no fairy tale castle
Only true lovely words
Like a princess, I'll take care of you
I'm gonna make your every single wish come true
You're more than a gold, gem or pearl
You're the reality of my fairy tale girl...


"you are my princess"