Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do u ever think about waidee?

i've said too much words..
to u, i've opened my world..
i released what's on my head..
i guess too much has been said..
But it's okay, coz i want you in it.
But i never knew, if u can feel it..
i dont know what's on your mind, how u feel about this..
who u want, who u like and who u want to kiss...
i know u already know, u feel this attraction..
But i cant read u, i dunno ur reaction..
Sometimes ur sweet, sometimes ur not..
Am i in d midst of something cold & something hot?
My sun doesnt rise or set on you
but most of d time, my mind sets on u..
When ur idle, when uv got nothing to do,.
Do u ever think of me too?
SOon as i wake up, i crave for u..
Now i wonder, do you ever do that too?
I SLeep well if u bid me goodnight and sweetdreams too..
If u think of a person, the question is who..?
QUestions unanswered, love unreturned..
Do i have to keep it or let it burn?
HAVe u ever felt ds way, have u ever thought of WaiDee?
Do u even like waidee,
Have u ever liked me?