Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to write love letters


Creativeness. That is the rule when you're writing love letters. You cannot be too staid, too formal, or too ordinary. You have to be different and you have to create a positive, lasting impression on the mind of the receiver of the letter.

So, how do you write a decent love letter? First, ask yourself what you want to achieve by writing a love letter. Do you want to reassure a loved one of your promise to him or her? Do you want to make up with your sweetheart? Or do you just want to say "i love you?" Definitely, you have to be clear with your intention. You cannot just ramble incessantly.

Second, determine what tone you're going to use in your letter. You can be formal, although it takes a lot of finesse to carry that through. You can be poetic, in the tradition of the browning couple, or you can be witty. The latter is sometimes more effective and more attention-grabbing than anything else.

Third, go to your favorite place. It can be your bedroom, the garden, the roof of your house, the library, or anywhere you feel safe, comfortable, and happy. Why? Because when you're in your most favorite place, you guards are all down. You're more attuned to your feelings. Thus, if you're in this condition, you'll never run out of things to say or write.

Fourth, if you're having difficulty deciding how start your letter, get a scratch paper and scribble everything that comes into your mind. Then read all that you have written and pick out the most interesting sentence or phrase you have made. After that, compose your letter using this as your sping board. Eventually, the words will flow more freely.

Fifth, re-read your letter and put yourself in the addressee's place. Think how he or she will feel while reading your letter. Needless to say, this is also a good time to check your grammar. In a social letter, such as a love letter, the conventions in writing are not so strictly followed. After all, you're not applying for a job or anything. But then, you're striving to make a good impression, if you're just in the courting stage. So, it will help if your letter will reflect a positive image of yourself. Moreover, whatever stage you and your loved one are in, in a relationship, anybody will always appreciate receiving a well-written letter.

And finally, to be able to write a decent love letter, be true to yourself. If you're a simple guy, don't pass yourself off as someone who is sophisticated or intellectually gifted. Don't use high sounding words. Don't resort to name dropping as well. And don't you ever use a ghost writer to do your personal letters. It is not only ill-mannered but also an admission that you are not worthy of anybody's trust, respect and love.

So, relax. Just listen to your heart and you will never do wrong.


Here are some tips you can follow to write effective love letters:

1. As much as possible, use your own handwriting when writing your letter. However, encoded letters sent via e-mail are also permissible.

2. Write legibly and avoid erasures.

3. Use a pen with black or blue ink to write your letters. Avoid using neon-colored pens, especially when your letter is long.

4. Write on a clean and fresh stationery.

5. Be honest, sincere, candid, and considerate of other people's feelings when writing your letter.

6. Use the language you're most comfortable in.

7. Avoid using a ghost-writer.

8. Be interesting and decisive.

(I suggest that you use scented papers. Or spray a soft scented perfume on a paper that you are going to write.)