Sunday, February 24, 2013

To The Man Who Will Love My Wife

To The Man Who Will Love My Wife:

First, I'm sorry if I still call her my wife. Cos she will always be my wifey to me. I will always love her, and she will always have that title in my life.
Second, please... take care of her... love her like she's the first person you ever loved and the last person you'll  ever love.
I screwed up and hurt her. So please, take note of the things she loves and hates.
1. Surprise her. She'll love that. Not only she'll love it, but also, it will make you even happier for you to see her happy.
2. Give her flowers.. even if there's no occasion.
3. If you'll ever go to that famous bakeshop that you'll see in every mall, buy her favorite bread there.
4. She loves to kiss. Make it passionate. Make it true.
5. She loves to cuddle.
6. Every month, if she got an PMS, please bear with her.
7. She's a pet lover. so don't be cruel to animals.
8. Hold her hands... Make her feel you're always there.
9. Give her little notes.
10. She's more beautiful when she smiles. Please don't let her lose that.
11. She loves to sing. Compliment her.
12. She doesn't want to be ignored. Give her your full attention.
13. Don't do stupid things that will make her paranoid or mad.
14. Take pictures together...
15. Be positive. Always. Well at least, try to be..
16. Take her to the movies. Even if its a chick flick, watch with her.
17. She loves to go out. Have a couple of drinks once in a while.
18. She's so cute when she's laughing.. I love it when she giggles.. Humor her.
19. Hug her from behind and watch the vast sky with her.
20. She loves food and she's a good cook. cook for her too.
21. She often stays up late.. talk to her..
22. She loves watching, bring her DVDs of her favorite TV programs and movies.
23. Kiss her on the forehead.. her nose... her hands.. her lips..
24. always deliver what you promise.
25. Tell her I LOVE YOU.. always...
I could go on forever and tell you things about her...
It really hurts.. telling you about this. Cos I should be the one doing it to her. But she already gave me up.
I will always want her back. But I won't be selfish anymore cos I know she's fed up.
Please don't screw up like I did. Hold on to her. Forever.. To infinity and beyond.. Cos that's how much I love her.
It will hurt so much to see her happy with you, and to see her do things with you like how we used to.
But it will hurt me more to see her unhappy with me. Her happiness is my happiness.
Love her like I do... and more..


feb. 23, 2013